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Meet the 2018 Rev Hardware Accelerator Teams

Meet the 2018 Rev Hardware Accelerator Teams

Rev: Ithaca Startup Work’s 2018 Hardware Accelerator recently just launched and the new cohort of startups is poised and ready to take their companies to the next level. For 11 weeks, 8 teams, each with their own business ideas, will engage in an intense summer program that guides them through the process for determining if their ideas are commercially desirable, technologically viable, and economically feasible.

Rev’s Hardware Accelerator will educate and coach teams with the help of guest speakers, workshops, and dedicated mentor sessions. The Accelerator also gives teams access to Rev’s state-of-the-art prototyping lab to help them further design their prototypes. At the end of the Accelerator, teams will have the tools to confidently push their startup to the next level, bring on new team members and potential partners, and pitch to investors.

The 2018 Rev Hardware Accelerator Teams are: 

Company: Spect

Product/Service: Spect is developing a VR headset to help students practice mindfulness meditation.

Names of members: Deanna Deyhim, Xiaoxiang Ma, Kristi Lin, and Yassin Mziya

School/Affinity: Cornell University

Company: Coach Link

Product/Service: Coach Link is creating a radio device that connects rowing coaches to their rowers in the boat so that they can communicate with ease.

Names of members: Benjamin Ellis, Filip Jander, Paul Fischer-York, Scott Smith, and Ava Cohen

School/Affinity: Ithaca High School

Company: CONSRV

Product/Service: CONSRV is a water monitoring system that reports real-time tracking information of the water consumption levels of household appliances.

Names of members: Victoria Tan, Rohan Rai, and Navin Ramsaroop

School/Affinity: Cornell University

Company: SeaArctos

Product/Service: SeaArctos is making a detection system that senses sulfur given off by ships to determine if they are burning the correct fuel to meet new international maritime regulations.

Names of members: Shannon Mackey and John Kulukundis

School/Affinity: Local Ithaca residents

Company: Equinox

Product/Service: Equinox is reinventing the umbrella to create a version that does a much better job at keeping the user dry.

Names of members: Haroon Sheikh, Juan Berrio, Oren Alon, and Dylan Neal

School/Affinity: Cornell University

Company: tuc

Product/Service: Tuc is making a ceiling mount device that allows for the attachment and enhancement of an Amazon Echo and Arduino.

Names of members: Stephen Shaffer

School/Affinity: Local Ithaca resident

Company: Irradiance, LLC

Product/Service: Irradiance is designing smartphone-enabled wearables with embedded electronics for sensing applications.

Names of members: Neal Reynolds, Lina Sanchez Botero, Eric Beaudette and Barak Cohen

School/Affinity: Cornell University

Company: YNot Bike

Product/Service: YNot Bike is developing vehicle technology that will facilitate more efficient urban transportation. By exploring energy-efficient, “smart” augmentations of vehicles, they are focused on combating the first and last mile problem.

Names of members: Alex Hatzis, Evan Fischoff, Duff Klaber, Sam Spallone, Woocheol Hyun, Eldar Slobodyan, Will Murphy, Cynthia Horna, Max Mailman, and Daniel Glus

School/Affinity: Cornell University