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Rev Member Companies

SimpliFed: Support, Service, and Care  

Rev Member SimpliFed is a startup that has reimagined infant telehealth and caters to families by providing virtual lactation support. SimpliFed emphasizes efficient, judgment-free services that include access to breast pumps, classes, and more.   Andrea Ippolito founded SimpliFed in 2019 after...

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Image of a photon. Blue wavy lines on a black background.

Photon Counting Systems Revolutionizes Scientific Imaging 

As scientific research and solutions continue to evolve, so should the tools used to achieve these breakthroughs. New Rev member company Photon Counting Systems LLC is revolutionizing scientific imaging across medicine and science with their ultra-high-speed wide field photon counting...

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Image of a photon. Wavy blue lines on a black background.

ProAgni: Revolutionizing Animal Production 

Food production is an essential aspect of our society, and new Rev member company ProAgni is ensuring that the environmental impact of this process is lowered.   ProAgni is an Australian startup that was launched by farmers and ranchers who were inspired...

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A woman holds a hat in her hand while wearing an Opal smart ring

Opal Wearables: Safety and Style Rolled into One 

Safety is a fundamental human right, and improving safety through the use of today’s innovative technology is the newest Rev member company, Opal Wearables. Opal has created a smart ring that is designed to provide an extra level of safety...

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carbon upcycling's processing plant

Carbon Upcycling Technologies Raises $26 Million

Carbon Upcycling Technologies, a Rev member company working to reduce the carbon footprint of concrete, recently raised $26 million in Series A financing.  The Calgary-based startup is working to minimize the carbon impact of industrial processes, divert industrial materials from landfills,...

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groceries spill out of a brown paper bag

Catching Up With Rosie, An Instacart Company

Countless success stories have emerged from the Ithaca entrepreneurial ecosystem, but Rosie tops most lists.   Founded by Nick Nickitas as a Cornell MBA student in 2013, the ecommerce platform for local and independent grocers was one of the four founding members...

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the crowd at networking night

Networking Night Celebrates Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

On April 12th, the Rev: Ithaca Startup Works was buzzing with excitement and energy as it hosted Networking@Rev: Building Bridges for Ithaca Startups. The event was designed to showcase the diverse resources available to aspiring entrepreneurs in the region, while...

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photo of karli miller hornick

Florist Farms Lights Up the NYS Cannabis Industry 

“It was the best day of my life, to be honest,” said Karli Miller-Hornick.   The cannabis entrepreneur and founder of Florist Farms, a Rev member startup growing and creating organic cannabis products, is talking about December 29, 2022. She, along with...

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