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Propagate: Growing Profits and Unlocking Farmlands’ Potential

Above view of tractor working on farm.

Propagate: Growing Profits and Unlocking Farmlands’ Potential

Unlock your farmland’s potential with the newest Rev member company, Propagate. Propagate uses proprietary software, an expansive service provider network, and financing programs to take projects from design to operation. Propagate aids in farm planning, tree planting and management, and project financing to help grow profit and improve farms’ resilience.

We sat down with Chief Research Officer & CFO Harry Greene to learn more about Propagate. 

What is the “origin story” behind your company?

Founded in 2017, Propagate is a venture-backed company with investors such as The Nest, Agfunder, TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good, The Grantham Foundation, Techstars, and Elemental Excelerator. It is also a partner of USDA’s Partnerships for Climate Smart Commodities.

Propagate’s software product, Overyield, currently supports 55,000+ acres of agroforestry, with over 3,000,000 trees & shrubs planned. Propagate also actively manages over 2,400 commercial acres through its regional agroforestry hubs in NY and KY and has planted over 200,000 trees in the last five years.

What customer need is your company attempting to address?

Propagate is a regenerative agriculture company that makes it easy for farmland owners to design, plant, and manage agroforestry systems to increase the cash yield of farmland. By helping farms incorporate permanent crops using regenerative agriculture practices, known as agroforestry, farms can increase profitability while stewarding climate solutions. Propagate’s farm planning software, tree planting & management services, and project financing provide a simplified end-to-end solution so that farms can reduce risk while integrating fruit, nut, and timber trees with animal or crop farming systems.

Do you have any recent company milestones or accomplishments you would like to share? 

We recently partnered with Silvanus to announce a new strategic partnership to scale black locust agroforestry and plantation forestry in the United States, ultimately providing landowners with an option for profitable long-term carbon sequestration. 

Additionally, Builders Vision, an impact investment platform, has made an undisclosed investment in Agroforestry Partners to catalyze and expand agroforestry projects. Read more here:

Where do you envision your company a year from now? 5 years from now?

By Spring 2025, we’ll be managing 4,000 acres of chestnut agroforestry and planting a second round of improved black locust genetics. Both of these are financially viable climate solutions. We’re currently working on actualizing payment for ecosystem services at scale, namely carbon sequestration and flood mitigation. We continue to move quickly, growing our analytics, project development, and financing platform for agroforestry in the United States.