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UdderWays: A Better Way to Care for Cows

UdderWays team.

UdderWays: A Better Way to Care for Cows

Discover a new way to care for your cows with the newest Rev member company, UdderWays. UdderWays’ innovation uses a brushless technology to stimulate cows and ensure clean and dry teats. This patented vortex-style application offers a simple and effective cleaning and drying stimulation.

We sat down with founder Zachary Neal to learn more about UdderWays.

What is the “origin story” behind your company?

UdderWays was founded in May of 2022, as a vessel to bring our innovations to dairy farmers. The Vortex prep tool was discovered through an effort to apply Ozonated water as a dairy pre-dip. Through many revisions we discovered the vortex style application and its benefits, eventually leading us to pursue commercializing it. 

What customer need is your company attempting to address?

UdderWays helps farmers who are looking for a more efficient and effective way to prep dairy cows to be milked. Although the individual needs for each farm vary, the basic needs we address on each farm are: eliminating cross contamination, lowering maintenance costs, and removing the need for laundry machines/associated expenditures.

Do you have any recent company milestones or accomplishments you would like to share?

In January, we placed second in the National Farm Bureau Ag Innovation Challenge. This gained us not only validation but also increased media coverage (TV news, magazines, blogs, etc.), resulting in global interest from numerous farms and distributors. Since then, we have created a commercial prototype. 

Where do you envision your company a year from now? 5 years from now?

Within the next year, we plan to become commercially available and hope to partner with a chemical manufacturer/distributor, or a dairy distribution company. Our 5 year goal is to have our product the Vortex widely adopted and recognized as a proven system.