The Rev Hardware Accelerator supports people who want to turn their product ideas into businesses.


Our programs draw on the growing hardware ecosystem in our region, and the exciting resources for R&D and innovation available right here in Ithaca.


Rev offers a deep dive into hardware through an 11-week Rev Hardware Accelerator summer program that leads product teams through a process for determining if their ideas are commercially desirable, technologically viable, and economically feasible. Upon completion of our program, Hardware Alums are positioned to recruit team members, bring on partners, work with contract manufacturers, and pitch to investors.


Our innovative philosophy and method guide all of our hardware offerings. In addition to our summer program, Rev hosts a series of speakers + workshops to grow your network to thought leaders, industry experts, and successful startups. We also have a state-of-the-art prototyping lab that is open to Hardware Accelerator participants as well as Rev member companies.