About Rev

What is Rev: Ithaca Startup Works?

Rev: Ithaca Startup Works is a business incubator and workspace in Ithaca, NY. We offer business mentorship, workspace, and startup resources for any new or growing business that will create jobs in the community.


Our membership is open to all and our mentorship is field-agnostic; Rev has incubated successful app startups, as well as successful food startups. We believe that more innovative companies offering more jobs in more fields enriches our local economy and improves life for everyone.


Why was Rev created?

Rev was created by a partnership between Cornell University, Ithaca College, and Tompkins-Cortland Community. The Presidents of the three schools realized that the Ithaca community needed a resource for new and growing businesses that was open to all, and which would offer support to student-founded startups after graduation.


To create economic impact in the region, Rev’s mission is to focus on companies that have the potential to create new jobs in Ithaca and the surrounding communities. In order to best serve the region, Rev also acts as a physical home for the entire startup community, creating events and workshops that will convene anyone with an interest in entrepreneurship.

Convening the startup community since 2014

We have two floors of workspace and a growing team of mentors and support staff, as well as expanded partnerships with business connections, investors, and manufacturers in the region. We’ve seen several companies incubate and outgrow the Rev space, and we’re proud to have them as new neighbors in downtown Ithaca.