COVID-19 Updates for Rev Members and Friends

COVID-19 Updates for Rev Members and Friends

Updates on Rev’s operating status and guidelines for members, staff, and friends will be posted here on an ongoing basis.

March 23 Update to Rev Members 

Essential Businesses 

In accordance with the “New York State on Pause” executive order from Governor Cuomo, effective March 22, all non-essential businesses must require its employees to work from home. Therefore, the Rev incubator space will ONLY be open to members that operate essential businesses until this mandate is lifted. You can find more information about what companies are considered “essential” here. 

Startup Support Resources 
We will soon be sending out a list of resources and opportunities to support our member startups through the COVID-19 crisis. This list will be updated as the business environment continues to evolve.  

We will also be sending you an invitation to a webinar hosted later this week by our partner organization, Cornell’s Center for Regional Economic Advancement, entitled Supporting Startups Through COVID-19. The webinar will offer guidance to startups on the crucial issues they currently face and help them navigate and identify the resources that can help them now. We will send more details on the agenda and speakers soon. We hope you can join us for this valuable webinar.  

Please join us on Friday, March 27 for a Virtual CEO & Sponsor Morning Coffee. Our hope is that members can use this time to bounce ideas off of each other and discuss issues they are currently facing. Senior leadership from each member startup are welcome to attend. Stay tuned for a calendar invite with Zoom details.  


Ken Rother 
Director, Rev: Ithaca Startup Works 

March 13 Update on COVID-19 Prevention

Dear Rev Members and Friends:

Our Rev incubator operates under Cornell policy, as such, we are following Cornell’s guidelines regarding the prevention of Coronavirus.

Cornell recently released important updates regarding its operating status and to keep the health and safety of our Rev members and staff a top priority, these changes are being made at Rev effective Saturday, March 14:

  • Rev will be remaining open and our staff will continue to work, but all non-essential staff will be expected to work remotely. The incubator will not be staffed as normal with a Rev coordinator. Key card access will be required to enter the building at all times as the doors will remain locked until further notice.
  • Rev’s cleaning service will continue to clean the space and we encourage everyone to continue to wash their hands and wipe down frequently used surfaces.
  • Only Rev members and essential staff will be permitted to be present at the incubator. We ask that all meetings and events at Rev with guests or non-members be canceled until further notice. We encourage members to leverage virtual meeting tools to continue hosting their meetings.
  • When holding internal company meetings and establishing your workspace each day at Rev, we encourage members to maintain a six-foot distance between one another.
  • The prototyping shop, the 3D printers, and all lab equipment will be off limits. Without proper supervision and with the risk for potential injury requiring medical attention, use of this equipment is paused until further notice.
  • If the incubator space at Rev is required to close for a period of time in the future—and we are hopeful it will not need to close—all membership charges will be suspended. EIR mentoring will continue to be available virtually.

Although our Rev staff won’t be at the incubator each day (and the coffee won’t be brewed as frequently), we will continue to work normal hours and do our best to support our members.  Meetings will still be held—just virtually, social media and newsletters will still be distributed, and we will still be reaching out to members with opportunities and introductions.

You can contact the Rev staff as usual on Slack and our individual email addresses. We also wanted to share additional contact information to address any questions or concerns:

General Inquiries
[email protected]
Noma Shields: (773) 544-2474

Emergency Questions/Concerns
Caitlin Schickel: (607) 227-5281  

We realize how disappointing these measures may be, especially with the disruption to many of your customer markets. We strongly encourage you to leverage our EIR mentoring during these challenging times and continue to make progress on your startups. We are here to support you.

Now, more than ever, startups and the economic diversity and growth they can bring to our region will be needed as we look for boosts to our economy in the coming months. Thank you for the important work you are doing.

We will continue to share updates and keep you informed.

Ken Rother
Director, Rev: Ithaca Startup Works

March 11 Update

In accordance with the update sent by Cornell on March 10 regarding the prevention of the Coronavirus, we wanted to inform and remind Rev members of the following:

  • Rev members may continue to use the incubator space at this time
  • We ask that members minimize the amount of group events or meetings held in the space, especially with guests not affiliated with their company
  • Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRS) will continue to be available for general consultation and we encourage members to contact them if they are dealing with business continuity issues
  • Rev is managed under Cornell policy and if further restrictions are implemented, such as mandatory work from home, the above guidelines will change

March 6 Update

Upcoming [email protected] events in March and April have been canceled due to the current coronavirus situation per Cornell University’s health and safety guidelines. We will continue to monitor the situation and look forward to rescheduling these events as soon as possible — stay tuned for more information.Member only events like CEO Morning Coffees, Morning Grinds, etc. will continue as scheduled. Click here to see the calendar of upcoming Rev events! Please share this information with any of your employees who work at Rev or frequent the space. As a precautionary measure to keep the risk of coronavirus infection in our shared workspace low, we’re asking members of our community to observe the following common-sense food safety guidelines when using our shared pantry:

  • Wash your hands before opening the fridge or microwave
  • Wash your hands before you use common coffee and tea materials  
  • Wash your hands when you are opening dairy products to use in your beverage
  • Do not leave dishes in the sink; place used dishes, cutlery, mugs, etc in the dishwasher or wash in very hot water
  • Put dishes away once they are clean (and wash your hands before you do so!)