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Antithesis Foods Launches in CVS Stores Nationwide 

antithesis products, two boxes of cookies and one box of crackers

Antithesis Foods Launches in CVS Stores Nationwide 

Antithesis Foods, A food startup specializing in making processed foods healthier, launched three products in 4000 CVS stores across the nation. The startup founded by Cornell graduate food scientists Jason Goodman, PhD ‘21, and Ashton Yoon, MS ‘19, aims to use science and an antithetical approach to solving the problems in food, nutrition, and sustainability. 

 Antithesis’s process uses legumes, the most sustainable protein source, to make its crunchy snacks. The startup’s products include a variety of chips, cookies, and crackers, including Chocolate Chip cookies, Fruity Cereal cookies, and Everything Bagel Chips, which are set to hit CVS stores. 

CEO Jason Goodman shared that these flavors were chosen because they are “a good mix of classic approachable flavors” and that “these products have a broad appeal, something sweet and something savory while delivering on our better-for-you nutritional promise. The flavors and taste bring you in, but the better nutrition — good source of protein & excellent source of fiber — keep you coming back.”. 

Goodman is excited to be partnering with CVS for Antithesis’ first retail launch and believes it to be the best choice for Antithesis, sharing that CVS stopped selling cigarettes in 2014 and changed their name to CVS Health, an authentic antithetical approach, as they chose the right thing for health rather than revenue. 

Antithesis started in Upstate NY and continues to be a Rev Member company as they keep trending upward. 

“We wouldn’t be where we are without Rev, full stop. Rev’s extremely talented EIRs, its welcoming co-working atmosphere, pitch and networking nights, and so much more have made our progress possible,”. says Goodman. 

Antithesis plans to expand by partnering with more brands and retailers to get them into better-for-you snacking. With their scale-up and commercialization experience, the startup plans to build line extensions from their core products through different flavors. 

Goodman reveals that in 2025, Antithesis will have “potential product launches across different nutritional and channel categories, like sports nutrition, medically supported weight loss, and other direct-to-consumer (D2C) and retail brands”. 

Try Antithesis’s products in CVS nationwide and learn more about them here!