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SimpliFed: Support, Service, and Care  

SimpliFed: Support, Service, and Care  

Rev Member SimpliFed is a startup that has reimagined infant telehealth and caters to families by providing virtual lactation support. SimpliFed emphasizes efficient, judgment-free services that include access to breast pumps, classes, and more.  

Andrea Ippolito founded SimpliFed in 2019 after her own experience navigating the complex system of access to baby feeding and breastfeeding services and care. Ippolito found that an easy virtual model covered by insurance was not an option that was available to all. She made it her objective to provide this to new parents through her in-depth knowledge of healthcare systems and partnerships with healthcare payers and providers.  

Most recently, SimpliFed is collaborating with health plans like Aetna, healthcare systems, and other strategic partners like Willow Innovations. The company serves families across the United States starting during pregnancy extending into postpartum for 6 appointments or more. Through such collaborations, SimpliFed aims to shift policy, practice, and narratives to drive health and economic equity, starting with a baby’s first foods.  

Ippolito shares that, “SimpliFed’s goal is to improve access to insurance-covered breastfeeding and baby feeding support at no cost to families. Breastfeeding and baby feeding is a no days and no nights off activity that is deeply connected to mom and baby health. While supporting families with baby feeding support, we are also screening them for other maternal health needs as well. In the current system, mom is not supported postpartum and we are ensuring she is getting access to the care she needs and deserves.” 

In 2024, SimpliFed also teamed up with Willow Innovations, Inc., Bobbie and Emily Oster to publish the State of Feeding Report. The report helps redefine expectations and provides a clear understanding of the research behind the care and education that maternal health companies like SimpliFed aim to provide. The report equips families with information about the state of feeding today and compiles data from a survey of 1899 parents. Results show that there is a lack of education on all aspects of feeding including breastfeeding, formula feeding, bottle feeding, or combo feeding. 

SimpliFed’s State of Feeding report shows that 18% of respondents said they received no support or education on breastfeeding, 38% said they received no support or education on pumping, and 47% said they received no support or education on formula. The report concludes that educational support and maintenace of that support across all feeding types is needed. The report also links to the Feeding Guide which discusses feeding options, setting expectations and complex conversations on the topic. 

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