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Zynect Supports Educators and Small Businesses

A hand holding a Thermote sensor in front of a wall with the Dos Amigos logo.

Zynect Supports Educators and Small Businesses

Ithaca-based tech startup and Rev member, Zynect, is supporting the community through COVID-19 by providing its innovative technology and resources to schools, restaurants, and small businesses in the area. Zynect’s product portfolio includes wireless sensors that monitor temperature, soil moisture, and air quality both indoors and outdoors. The company’s community support was recently praised by WENY News in its “Twin Tiers Together” segment.

Zynect’s air quality sensor, the Air Quality Egg, pairs with an education platform containing data uploaded from the citizen science community and other educational resources, including downloadable student packets, pre-populated lab data, and Google Classroom integration, that had previously been reserved for the company’s paying customers. When schools began to go virtual in March, Zynect decided to offer all their educator resources for free. Interested educators can register for free until October and learn more by watching the company’s “Air Quality Egg Portal – Educator Access” overview video.

In addition to supporting local educators, in May, the company also offered their latest product for free to local restaurants and small businesses. The Thermote is a battery-operated, Wi-Fi enabled, temperature sensor that allows business owners to remotely monitor food storage safety by receiving convenient real-time alerts on their smartphone if temperatures in any space become too hot or cold. Mama Said Hand Pies, Ithaca Coffee Company, and fellow Rev member, Dos Amigos are among the list of local restaurants benefiting from Zynect’s technology, as well as other local businesses as shared in a recent video from the company.

Beyond supporting the local community, Zynect has also been praised for its efforts in supporting employees. In a recent interview with Ithaca.Community, Zynect co-founder and CEO, Dirk Swart stated, “I am committed to if at all possible not laying off any staff directly as a result of COVID-19, and we have made zero reductions in staff or staff hours worked,” he said. “We value our staff, and we expect them to go the extra mile when things are busy. I feel that it is our responsibility in return as a business to look after them by keeping them employed.”

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