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The Verticale Launches “Brands That Vote”

Jaclyn Grauman, founder and CEO of The Verticale.

The Verticale Launches “Brands That Vote”

This month, The Verticale launched a nonpartisan coalition of brands called Brands That Vote in partnership with the I Am a Voter campaign, which aims to increase voter turnout in this November’s U.S. presidential election. Participating brands, many of which are women-founded startups, have promised to donate a percentage of their total sales to I Am a Voter.

The Verticale, an e-tailer focused on direct-to-consumer brands and editorial site, and Rev alumni company will be donating 10% of its affiliate revenue to the I Am a Voter organization, in addition to the donations made by participating brands in the campaign. Consumers can peruse the products of participating companies in the Brands That Vote Shop and participate in a special giveaway.

In a recent feature on Brands That Vote in the Glossy, founder and CEO of The Verticale, Jaclyn Grauman sounded off on the importance of voter turnout: “There’s power in numbers, and by coming together as a coalition and multiple brands, we have an opportunity to make a much bigger impact and really make voting feel more culturally relevant.”

Read the Glossy story on The Verticale’s efforts to boost voter turnout this year.