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Summer Camps Return to Cayuga Climbs

Two large climbing walls at Cayuga Climbs. Purple mats are placed under each climbing wall.

This summer, kids and teens have the exciting opportunity to learn how to climb at Cayuga Climbs, a Rev member company. Each week-long day camp will include fun, team-building activities related to climbing.   

“Climbing is a fantastic way to learn new movement patterns and develop teamwork skills in a supportive, non-competitive environment,” said Keith Rosenliao, the owner of Cayuga Climbs. “In ‘solving’ how to climb a route, climbing engages both the body and the mind.” 

The summer camps are open to kids between 5 and 15 years old with varying experience levels, from new to advanced.  

“Climbing cultivates an extremely supportive environment because no matter the level, every climber can relate to overcoming self-doubt and fear to finish a route,” said Rosenliao. “It is common for groups — adults and kids alike — to cheer when a climber finishes a route that they have been working on for a while.” 

New sessions will start every Monday from June 27 to August 22, excluding the week of July 4. Sessions will run Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Each week will host two concurrent age groups, with a maximum of 10 campers in each group.  

Visit the Cayuga Climbs website for more information and to register.