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StartupTree Partners with Texas A&M to Support University Startups

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StartupTree Partners with Texas A&M to Support University Startups

StartupTree, a Rev member company that provides the leading all-in-one platform for university entrepreneurship, has partnered with Texas A&M University Innovation Partners and the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) Office of Commercialization and Entrepreneurship. The company’s software will help the university manage entrepreneurship data, including performance and milestone tracking, and resources for startups, such as business mentors, legal advisors, and potential investors. 

Chris Scotti, chair of the Texas A&M New Ventures Competition and director of new ventures at Texas A&M Innovation Partners, said StartupTree will help facilitate the success of the university’s startups.  

“It will be easier for startups to find mentorship, funding and other forms of help they may need to bring a technology to market,” Scotti said. 

As the #1 entrepreneurship platform for prominent universities and organizations, StartupTree broadens access to vital resources for students and entrepreneurs. StartupTree works with over 125 organizations, including Cornell University, Tufts University, Columbia Business School, the University of Texas System, the University of Southern California, and Syracuse University.  

Since StartupTree’s founding at Cornell in 2015, it has expanded to states and four countries — the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, and Spain. More than half a million participants utilize the startup’s customizable platforms. 

StartupTree’s holistic solution introduces users to their organization’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, including mentorship, competitions, events, and networking. Students may use these tools to work on their business ideas and develop useful career skills. Additionally, the platform provides a centralized data repository for reporting venture and participant information. 

“Technology commercialization is a newer space for StartupTree,” said Theresa Kim, president of StartupTree. “However, we anticipate a similar trajectory as the offering for entrepreneurship centers where we work with pioneering directors to develop something truly useful for this space over time.” 

For Texas A&M, the new management system will make it easier to organize the university’s startup community and direct users to the appropriate resources and partners available to them.  

“StartupTree will enhance our ability to match appropriate service providers to the needs of these companies while offering an online community for deep-tech new ventures, mentors and service providers alike,” said Saraubh Biswas, executive director of the TEES Office of Commercialization and Entrepreneurship. “We anticipate this effort will propel our startups toward success at an even faster rate.” 

Currently, StartupTree is building specialized features for the university’s personalized software with input from the Texas A&M team. 

“Already, Texas A&M has influenced the product in terms of data collection, including the ability for mentors and administrators to leave notes on venture profiles,” said Kim. “If we can play a role in developing scalable data collection processes for Texas A&M within the platform, we see this paying dividends over time, especially given the trends of external stakeholders being more data-focused.” 

With the teams working toward implementation, Scotti said the university plans to launch a pilot phase later this year. 

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