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ShrubBucket in the Wall Street Journal

View of seedlings in small pots of soil from above.

ShrubBucket in the Wall Street Journal

Rev member company, ShrubBucket, was included in a Wall Street Journal feature on the rising popularity of gardening during the COVID-19 pandemic. Based in Ithaca, New York, ShrubBucket is an online platform that aggregates high-quality plants from wholesale nurseries around the country and delivers orders directly to customers’ doorsteps without using unnecessary plastic or cardboard packaging, which would impact the health of the plants and end up in landfills.

With delivery to 15 states, the “Zappos of Plants” is growing rapidly. ShrubBucket recently expanded delivery services to all of western New York State. Learn more about why customers are enjoying the startup’s curbside and zero packaging delivery.

Due to sheltering at home measures, more people are spending time in the garden, leading to a significant increase in sales. According to ShrubBucket, it fulfilled 2,023 orders in March 2020, as opposed to 57 orders in March of the previous year.

“Any time there’s an economic downturn, gardening goes up,” stated co-founder Heidi Mortensen.

In addition to selling plants online—ranging from trees to groundcovers—ShrubBucket also offers all the other gardening products an aspiring green-thumb needs including soils, mulches, containers, and tools.  

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of Rev,” said ShrubBucket president and co-founder, Alex Hagen, “We’re happy that we can help people find some relaxation in their yards during these challenging times.”

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