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Rother Talks Climate Tech with the Ithaca Times

Two students examine the prototype of a light box at Rev.

Rother Talks Climate Tech with the Ithaca Times

Ken Rother, director of Rev: Ithaca Startup Works and its hardware programming, recently discussed Rev’s ClimateTech Prototyping Hardware Accelerator with the Ithaca Times. The new program, supported by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) through its Accelerate Southern Tier grant, is designed to support early-stage product startups in the region.

Participants in the ClimateTech Hardware Accelerator will spend 11 weeks this summer creating, testing, and improving their prototypes, while crafting business pitches for hardware solutions for enacting climate impact. According to Rother, the program will help facilitate the expansion of clean energy startups by introducing entrepreneurs to suppliers, manufacturers, scale-up and mentorship programs, working spaces and eco-conscious consumers in the Southern Tier.   

“I think Ithaca is a really great place to interact with early-stage customers,” Rother said. “The concept of a beachhead market — where is that first group of people, or early adopters who really want what you have — lines up really well with Ithaca.”  

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