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Rev Welcomes New Member Company: SolarKal

Rev Welcomes New Member Company: SolarKal

This October, Rev welcomed new Member Company SolarKal, a solar energy broker that helps clients effectively and astutely transition to the use of solar power. Earlier this year, Solarkal’s co-founders—Yaniv Kalish and Neil Sharma—competed in NYSERDA’s 76West competition, placing as a Finalist team and taking home $250,000. The award, part of a support package from the state,  will help them scale their company in the Southern Tier region.

Sharma,  SolarKal’s Chief Operating Officer, notes that the company’s primary goal is to “accelerate the adoption of solar by small and medium-sized businesses.” SolarKal supports this by educating executives, advising on decisions to convert to solar, and connecting projects with installers who can best meet a given company’s needs.

Neil Sharma aims for the finish line in a pace car at Watkins Glen International during 76West Competition Week 2017. Photo by Allison Usavage.


SolarKal’s connection to the Southern Tier is an important factor in the company’s work. The mentorship and network connections facilitated by 76West have enabled SolarKal to play an increasingly significant role in the region’s clean energy infrastructure.

After just a few weeks in Ithaca, Sharma says he thinks that the area is well-suited to become a hotbed for clean energy innovation.

“The community in the Southern Tier is big and progressive enough to have a sizable network of incubators and startups, but small enough such that business owners, vendors, and startups can all access each other and quickly close deals, move business forward, and create positive change,” he says.

The state and regional government’s attitude toward SolarKal’s industry also makes for an apt environment: “New York State and specifically the Southern Tier’s utility, NYSEG, have policies in place that encourage the use of renewable energy, which helps companies like SolarKal as we work with local businesses considering a transition to solar.”

To find out more about SolarKal, visit their website here.

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