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Rev Moving Back Home

Rev Moving Back Home

We are back at our permanent location at 314 E. State St.


Alec Mitchell back to work at his own desk, where he belongs.

We have enjoyed a front door on the new Commons and got used to making do in our summer location, formerly Race Office Space, but we are eager to be back at our home. A whole new floor has been renovated and although it still needs a fair amount of polishing, we are moved back into our main floor. It is a relief. Although summer vacation can be loads of fun, it just feels good to sink into your own couch.

The new floor brings with it a photo studio, more breakout rooms, and more collaboration spaces for our members. If we include the balcony, the addition is effectively doubling our floor space. Right now, the new floor is not yet accessible. We are hoping to have it ready for us to use in a few months or sooner.


The few entrances to the mysterious world above are pasted with cautionary literature.

During our stint on the Commons, a stone’s throw from our permanent location, we have hosted the launch of two successful programs, the STSA Hardware Accelerator and Passenger to Pilot – the Women’s Entrepreneurship program. A handful of participants from both programs have plans to continue at Rev as member companies when they are ready to join us. We are excited to continue hosting events and programs for Ithaca’s entrepreneurship community as well as provide an expanded space for new companies to bridge the gap between the home garage and larger, more permanent facilities.


Our workshop snug and protected.