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Rev Member The Verticale Launches New Site

Jaclyn Weissman Headshot

Rev Member The Verticale Launches New Site

Calling all fashion lovers: Rev member, The Verticale, recently launched their new website, an online platform that is dedicated to providing its readers with the ins and outs of their favorite digital brands. The Verticale describes their new site as a place to learn about the “…retail disruptors – brands that look at the world with an unapologetic spirit, rewriting the rules as they go.” 

Founder and CEO, Jaclyn Weissman, worked in the fashion industry for eight years which, according to her was “More than enough time to see how the traditional retail system is broken at both ends…” which inspired her to create The Verticale. 

The new site focuses on brands that are, first and foremost, digital, but also those that sell directly to the consumer without a wholesale presence in the market. Other requirements include being mission-driven, trustworthy, and having exceptional customer service.