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Rev Hardware Accelerator Team Takes KVM Technology To The Clouds

Rev Hardware Accelerator Team Takes KVM Technology To The Clouds

When your computer malfunctions and its problems are more than basic knowledge of technology can fix, your first call is usually to the nearest recommended IT specialist. From there the IT will navigate you through the labyrinth of steps. Sometimes the first try works, but sometimes your only option is to go to their location and let them fix it personally.

Ben Kalb, co-founder of HPM Tech Services, a local computer repair company in Ithaca, is working in the Rev Hardware Accelerator to create the Cloud KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse). His product will meet the needs of fellow IT consultants by allowing IT companies to remotely access a client’s computer and resolve issues.

Kalb gave several reasons the current methods for resolving computer issues are inefficient. Existing software KVMs require customers have the software installed on their computer before the problem — an unlikely scenario. Some hardware KVMs are unable to resolve all computer issues; when this happens tech specialists are forced to either travel to the product or have the product be brought to them. In either situation, time that could be spent fixing the problem is used traveling.

HPM Enterprises KVM Prototype

“[Cloud KVM] lets me fix the computer using my computer and my mouse from 30 miles away; all the client has to do is turn the computer on. One day we’ll fix that too.” said Kalb. “This allows me to fix six problems in one hour, when I would usually only resolve one.”

In a state by state comparison, New York was ranked the third highest employer of computer technicians (40,280) according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This means that there are more ITs to resolve computer issues, yes, but for rural areas and smaller businesses, there often isn’t room to spare a technician. Kalb’s technology is expected to improve business for smaller IT support companies, giving them access to consistent, affordable KVM technology.

“[S]ince day one there’s been a need for a device like this; existing solutions have been either unreliable or too expensive. This combines all of the good points of all of the various existing solutions,” said Kalb.

Kalb said he’s grateful to Rev for providing the resources and space to work on Cloud KVM.

“Rev Hardware Accelerator has come at a time with an important confluence of events. First, the technology is at a point where we can actually make this device at a reasonable cost; and second, I just personally had the time to spend a summer building it. The accelerator really allowed me to focus down on it and just do [what I knew was possible],” said Kalb.

On August 10, Benjamin Kalb will show his solution to your ERROR messages, blue screen of death, and java script confusion at Rev: Ithaca Startup Works’ Demo Day. RSVP here to attend for free.