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Rev Alumni Stardom member Ecolectro Wins $3.6M Award, Leading the Way in Green Hydrogen Tech 

woman in a lab using a beaker.

Rev Alumni Stardom member Ecolectro Wins $3.6M Award, Leading the Way in Green Hydrogen Tech 

Rev Alumni Stardom member Ecolectro was awarded $3.6M in funding through the Bipartisan Infrastructure & Jobs Law. The Ithaca-based startup specializes in climate science and plans to bring low-cost, clean, green hydrogen energy to market in the very near future.  

According to Senator Schumer, the law “is helping supercharge Upstate NY’s clean hydrogen sector. With this federal funding, Plug Power and other cutting-edge companies will be able to increase production capacity and spark new innovation to reach the next frontier of clean hydrogen manufacturing and research, all while supporting good paying clean energy jobs and boosting the fight against climate change”. 

CEO of Ecolectro Gabriel Rodríguez-Calero shares that “green hydrogen is the biggest market that nobody has heard about. If you eat, you use green hydrogen, because all the fertilizer in the world uses it. If you use steel … you use green hydrogen.”  

Rodríguez-Calero emphasized the importance of green hydrogen and thanked Cornell’s Center for Life Science Ventures business incubator for playing such an important role in giving Ecolectro its start. 

With this funding, Ecolectro “will develop new alkaline exchange membrane materials for testing in large-format electrolyzer cells in collaboration with polymer chemistry experts. These new materials will be developed to improve durability to meet DOE targets.” 

Earlier in August, the startup also received $1.08M from NYSERDA to scale up their groundbreaking polymer chemistry and materials that would help reduce hydrogen production costs by electrolysis and create a drop-in replacement for their current designs. The pilot demonstration of the electrolyzer unit will be deployed in partnership with Liberty Utilities in Massena, New York. 

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