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RealStraws Producing a PPE Solution to Protect Diners

Marty Walters of RealStraws threshes wheat in the background with what stalks in the foreground.

RealStraws Producing a PPE Solution to Protect Diners

RealStraws LLC, part of the 2020 cohort of Rev’s Prototype-to-Production Hardware Accelerator, produces 100% biodegradeable, gluten-free, wheat-based drinking straws to replace the use of plastic drinking straws that harm the environment. Unlike paper-based straws, the startup’s wheat-based straws hold up well in hot or cold drinks and are gluten-free, because they are made from the stems, and not the grains of the plant, where gluten is concentrated.

Marty Walters, founder of RealStraws, is marketing his drinking straws as a simple PPE solution for keeping diners and those ordering drinks on the go safe during the pandemic.

In a recent Spectrum News interview, Walters explains the timely benefits of RealStraws’ PPE Straws, “Everyone is talking about washing your hands, and how handling money is dirty—well now, you have this. You take it out of your cup holder, your purse, whatever and it’s completely disposable—it’s just a stick.”

Watch the interview with Marty Walters of RealStraws on Spectrum News.