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Open City Labs Awarded Funding

Open City Labs Awarded Funding

Rev member company, Open City Labs has been selected as a finalist for two national competitions, the NY Health Challenge and the Social Determinants of Health Innovation Challenge, which are both dedicated to providing funding for startup companies in the health tech sector.    

According to Matt Bishop, President & CEO, “Open City Labs makes it seamless to connect people with a personalized menu of community resources that improve health by addressing the clinical and non-clinical factors that are making people sick.”

The company’s technology is capable of auto-filling and submitting applications for organizations ranging from healthcare and nonprofit service providers to government agencies that rely on internal paper-based processes, saving both time and labor. Bishop states, “Open City Labs integrates with the electronic medical record to match patients with programs and auto-fills the paperwork. Built on AI and Natural Language Understanding, the platform is highly scalable. We can take PDF forms and generate websites, while requiring just 8% of the staff time to configure the eligibility conditions of new programs in comparison to traditional technological approaches.”

As one of three finalists in the Social Determinants of Health Innovation Challenge, Open City Labs will have the opportunity to present during a live pitch event on September 16th at the Health 2.0 Conference. The first, second, and third place winners of the pitch competition will be awarded $40,000, $25,000, and $10,000, respectively.

Open City Labs has used the funding to invest in expanding their team. Bishop states, “We are hiring an external cyber security consultant to do a full review of our code, server, and ensure that when we go live with patient data that we have exceptional security.” 

Bishop’s post-competition plans also include a company scale-up for Open City Labs. “We are setting up meetings with investors in Santa Clara and New York City where the pitch competitions are taking place,” he says, “Our first customers will be joining our Early Innovator Program, which will give them exclusive access to discounted pricing on our software, free training and support, as well as the ability to shape the direction of an exciting and impactful product.”

As a Rev member company, Bishop describes Rev as a “second home to me, providing a place to focus and do good work. More importantly, the entrepreneurs-in-residence have provided me with important feedback on my investor deck and business strategy. Ithaca is a real entrepreneurial community.”

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