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Maidbot Wins Prize in Competition to Help Hospitality Industry Rebound

Maidbot robot.

Maidbot Wins Prize in Competition to Help Hospitality Industry Rebound

Maidbot, a Rev Prototyping Hardware Accelerator alumni startup, was awarded a Lee Prize for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The prize competition, created by the UNLV Lee Business School and the Ted and Doris Lee Family Foundation, is aimed at addressing the urgent problems facing the hospitality, entertainment and travel industries resulting from COVID-19.

Maidbot’s housekeeping robots, designed to clean floors in hotels and other large spaces, and automated systems deliver unprecedented value to hotel operators, room attendants, and hotel guests.

The robotics hospitality startup, and four other companies, were selected from 250 applicants from 32 states and nine countries. Prize money totaling $975,000 was divided up among the winners based on need, potential impact, and market-readiness. A committee of by notable industry veterans selected the winning startups, which are expected to bring their product or idea to market within twelve months.

“COVID-19 has created a difficult situation for everyone around the world. The Lee Prize has created a starting point for recovery, especially for the hospitality, tourism, and entertainment industries,” said Leith Martin, executive director of UNLV’s Troesh Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Learn more about the Lee Prize in the press release published by the competition.