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Internet Marketing Magicians

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Internet Marketing Magicians

Since its creation in 2006, Internet Marketing Magicians (IMM) has grown to two locations. Its offices in Ithaca, NY and Baltimore, MD are staffed with professionals serving clients’ search engine optimization (SEO), branding, and social media needs. With website design expertise and results elevating most companies’ Google page rank to the first page, IMM has given many small, medium and startup companies the boost they’ve needed to access the sphere of internet consumers they desire to reach.

Internet Marketing Magicians logo

In 1992, Jonathan Meyerhoff logged on to the World Wide Web and was inspired by the possibility of leveraging the new technology to help local and global businesses expand their consumer base. He had already spent 20 years working in different startups and in corporate sales when he decided to fill in the gap he’d noticed between the demand for digital marketing and the lack of trustworthy online marketing companies. He did this by conjuring up Internet Marketing Magicians.

Oftentimes, startups have trouble increasing their consumer base far beyond the founders’ personal networks and without a professionally developed Internet marketing framework, it’s easy for an entrepreneur to exhaust his or her personal social media sites in the attempt to expand business with little to show for results. Eventually, customer numbers stagnate until it becomes difficult to access new groups. IMM leverages years of experience in search engine optimization to link their clients to potential customers and prevent stagnation.

The primary way IMM does this is by writing a company’s content in a way that generates more internet recognition, a process called search engine optimization (SEO). Outside of SEO, IMM designs architecture for a company’s intranet platform and develops company logos to increase company exposure.

Jon Meyerhoff, founder and CEO of Internet Marketing Magicians.

It follows a basic three step plan to fortify its customers’ Internet presence and maintain a consistent stream of potential new customers. First, it brings its client’s company to the forefront of the search results via Internet Marketing and SEO. Once the website shows increased daily traffic and hits, the second step is to increase engagement and turn the new visitors into customers. This is done with brand alteration to maximize consumer satisfaction. The third and final step then is to convert Internet hits into sales.

“Aside from generating traffic and converting customers, we help starts up companies develop their voice, brand and messaging. This is crucial as a company begins to gain traction with their target market,” said Meyerhoff.

IMM attends conferences held by leaders in the marketing industry to keep up to date with the latest trends in digital marketing. The company uses its blog to keep its stakeholders informed and as a way to share tips and tricks on how to optimize marketing impact through website design and brand integration.

Having IMM as a Member Company is a great resource for all of our startups at Rev and the Ithaca community. You may have even met Meyerhoff at our last networking event, Pitch Madness.

IMM has worked with local companies including Carbide USAFingerlakes Luxury Rentals and Davis College.

To stay up to date with Rev events and your next chance to meet Meyerhoff or other successful entrepreneurs like him, check out our Rev events page!