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HR Analytics Company Joins Rev: Doplr

Cally Co-Founders

HR Analytics Company Joins Rev: Doplr

Maya Carmeli is passionate about teams. “There’s a certain magic that happens when you’re working in a group that’s really engaged in the goal that you’re working towards,” says Carmeli MILR ’18, co-founder of new Rev: Ithaca Startup Works member company Doplr.

Doplr is creating a dashboard that displays a real-time pulse on team and organizational dynamics.  Whereas other services rely solely on surveys to provide these kinds of insights, Doplr also taps into new streams of behavioral data from communication and collaboration tools such as Slack.

Doplr’s machine learning software sheds light on hidden aspects of team behavior like cohesion and psychological safety that are critical for a high performing and inclusive culture. The technology works like a fitbit for teams.

The software maps out organizational networks and sentiment according to co-founder and software developer Cory Pisano.  The insights the company provides are informed by Carmeli’s background in human resources and organizational behavior.

Carmeli and Pisano know a few things about cohesion from a personal perspective. The co-founders attended the same college, worked together on a party supply company, got engaged, and are now business partners. “The running joke is that we got engaged and instead of planning a wedding we started a company,” says Carmeli.

Doplr comes to Rev having completed Cornell’s eLab accelerator program, as well as a pilot over the summer with its first customer, Burns Group, a brand transformation company based in New York City.  Rev sponsor Databound Healthcare Solutions and Rev member Iko Systems, who was in the same eLab cohort as Doplr, are slated to be the next beta testers for the company.  Doplr is currently welcoming more early adopters and are looking for more potential customers.

Carmeli and Pisano value the resources and sense of community that Rev has to offer. “There are a lot of Rev member companies that we can talk to and demo with and bounce ideas off of,” says Pisano.

They point to Ithaca as a great place to be an entrepreneur. Carmeli especially appreciates Ithaca’s wealth of female mentors, for personal reasons as well as for the roles that diversity and inclusion play in organizational behavior.

“Studies show that diversity doesn’t intrinsically lead to a more creative and higher performing organization – it really comes down to inclusion,” she says. “And that should reflect how open and comfortable people feel bringing their true selves to work, sharing ideas, asking challenging questions. Inclusion is in many ways where we hope Doplr can help leaders understand how inclusive their organization is and how safe people feel bringing up issues.”