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Home Green Home’s Move Fuels New Hub

Caleb Harrington of Nothing Nowhere Coffee and Megan Vidler of Home Green Home pose in masks in their new storefront on the Ithaca Commons.

Home Green Home’s Move Fuels New Hub

Rev member and local sustainable home goods retailer, Home Green Home, has moved to a new storefront on the Ithaca Commons. 126 E. State Street might be a stone’s throw from their previous location, but the move is allowing Home Green Home to reboot their business and solidify the location as a new commercial hub where shoppers can grab a cup of coffee, get a haircut, and shop for unique clothing and household goods.

A few months before the pandemic hit, Home Green Home welcomed Nothing Nowhere to their former location, a cafe and art space curated by local artist Caleb Harrington. Nothing Nowhere used to be nestled in the back of Home Green Home, but in the new space, Harrington and the barista bar are the first to greet customers walking through the door.

“Over that time, we got to know each other so much better and sort of rebuild our collaboration and rebuild our trust of each other. In a lot of ways, it feels like we’ve beamed five years into the future. We were going to work together more over time and merge our brands. It’s just happened so much faster than we expected” shared Megan Vidler, owner of Home Green Home, with the Ithaca Voice.

Next to the new space that Home Green Home and Nothing Nowhere share is Petrune, a new and vintage clothing store and Ithaca fan-favorite. The two storefronts will be connected, allowing customers to explore both businesses easily. On the second level of the building is hip beauty salon, Hare and Bristle, for those looking to correct their quarantine-inspired home haircuts. The new combo of services and goods is projected to be a popular hangout spot in downtown Ithaca, once it is safe to gather again.

“The energy is there, and that’s exciting,” said Domenica Brockman, owner of Petrune. “The minute Caleb started serving coffee, there was a steady stream of people walking into our store, and they could look through and see our store from the back entrance, and that’s positive. I think it’s going to be great for everybody. You give people two doors to go in and four businesses to visit.”

Home Green Home, and each of the businesses in the new hub bring something interesting to the table, and are looking forward to future collaborations. For more information, check out the full story in the Ithaca Voice.