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Head & Heal Co-Founder Featured in Conversation on Leadership

allan gandelman standing amongst hemp plants

Head & Heal Co-Founder Featured in Conversation on Leadership

From captaining his high school hockey team to founding the New York Cannabis Growers and Processors Association, Allan Gandelman is no stranger to taking on a leadership challenge. As co-founder of Head & Heal, subsidiary of Rev member company New York Hemp Oil, Gandelman is working to develop high-quality CBD products and lead the legalization charge for the New York State cannabis industry. recently sat down with Gandelman for their weekly “Conversations on Leadership” series, where they discuss success and innovation with local leaders. Gandelman’s interview spanned from childhood experiences to the times when his leadership was tested, and he shared his hopes for the future of cannabis in New York State. 

“I admire leaders on the humble side, the patient side. They’re humble, but they have big ideas because they question the status quo and question how everything is done,” he said. “My vision is to create a system where we have thousands of small- and mid-size businesses operating all over the state from growing, to manufacturing, to retail sales, to delivery services, and that these businesses are owned by a diverse population, whether that’s farmers, whether it’s women, whether it’s people of color.” 

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