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Hardware Demo Day Celebrates Progress & Prototyping  

serena allen of airvitalize demonstrates her prototype

Hardware Demo Day Celebrates Progress & Prototyping  

On August 3, Networking@Rev: Hardware Demo Day showcased and celebrated the accomplishments of this summer’s Prototyping Hardware Accelerator cohort. The culmination of the accelerator, the event featured the progress and innovation of participants from the Classic, ClimateTech, and AgTech tracks.  

Each team set up a table around the perimeter of the room, ready to present their prototypes to a full house of nearly 140 attendees. 

The presentations were kicked off with an introduction delivered by Deanna Kocher, associate director of hardware programs. Kocher spoke about the purpose and goals of the accelerator. 

“We’re a little bit different from other hardware programs because we look for more than technical feasibility. We take it one step further,” she said. “We don’t want our wonderful founders to leave this program saying ‘I built something that’s great!’ but not have anyone to buy it. So over the last 10 weeks, we’ve been pushing them to develop their business as well as their technology.” 

Teams in the Classic Track included:   

  • Carry Clear: Ithaca High School students Mika Gazit and Lindsay Wang developed a portable lens cleaner for glasses. Their innovative product combines a cleaning spray with microfiber pads, all fitting conveniently into a pocket-sized design.   
  • Docfully Healthcare: Jacques Stroud made a discreet wearable device, Docfully-One, aimed at detecting and alerting users during episodes of mental distress, such as anxiety or depression. 
  • Exokicks: James and Erin Herard developed a specialized sneaker exoskeleton designed to protect and showcase sneaker collections. 
  • HUG Smart Sticker: A team of Cornell University students created HUG, a system designed to manage medications and supplements. Geared towards older adults, this innovation promotes safe medication usage. 
  • Palpaid: Shivani Tuli is the founder of Palpaid, an easy-to-use palpation tool that aims to address the shortcomings in breast self-examination and mammographic screening practices by enhancing the roles of patients and primary care physicians in the breast screening process.  
  • PhoneBelt: James Coleman aims to improve road safety with PhoneBelt, an app that can detect when the driver is using their phone and chime like a seatbelt alert until the phone is turned off.   
  • ReviMo: Aleksandr Malashchenko built a robotic mobility device that empowers individuals with self-care disabilities to move around their homes and independently carry out essential tasks, including using the bathroom. 

ClimateTech Prototyping Hardware Accelerator  

Supported by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), the ClimateTech track returned for its third year. This initiative offers tailored workshops, supplementary resources, and valuable networking opportunities with industry leaders and companies dedicated to reducing carbon emissions. 

The ClimateTech track included the following teams:  

  • AirVitalize: Serena Allen invented the Particul8r, an innovative technology that offers a decentralized and compact solution to capture airborne particulate matter pollution. 
  • Aruna Revolution: Co-founded by Rashmi Prakash and Lanna Last, Aruna Revolution is reshaping menstrual health management. They created compostable menstrual pads using locally sourced natural fibers from food and crop waste.  
  • Founder Thebe Tsatsimpe is the mind behind a groundbreaking IoT device. Its purpose is to enable landlords to supply backup and solar power to tenants through a pay-as-you-go service, effectively transforming buildings into self-sufficient clean energy hubs. 
  • NextMed: Emily Roos developed reusable IV bags, called NextIV, that offer a sustainable alternative to the prevalent single-use bags. NextIV has the potential to divert a substantial amount of plastic—up to 44,000 tons annually—from landfills in the United States and Canada. 
  • N’ụlọ Adaeze: Nnennia Mazagwu is the force behind N’ụlọ Adaeze, an experimental furniture manufacturing company with three goals: to help people create vibrant and energized spaces, to provide essential services during pivotal product life stages, and to bring ease into the moving process by creating elegant and functional modular pieces.  
  • OPhone: Asma Ansari, a Cornell University student, introduced OPhone—a modular smartphone built with compostable and recyclable materials. 
  • Snowbotix: Abhijit Dongare and Sasi Prabhakaran developed a multi-utility robot platform tailored for outdoor maintenance tasks. 
  • Tree Gate Farm: Dean Koyanagi, a Cornell University alum, designed an electric agricultural platform that promises ergonomic support specifically designed for workers at small vegetable farms.   

AgTech Prototyping Hardware Accelerator  

After a successful introduction last year, the AgTech Track welcomed its second cohort. Funded by the U.S. Economic Development Administration’s University Center program, participants received specialized training and opportunities to meet leaders in the agriculture industry as well as potential partners.  

Learn about the startups in the AgTech Track:   

  • LuminoStream Solutions: This Cornell University-affiliated team developed a product that can automate the monotonous benchtop immunohistochemistry staining process through the utilization of microfluidic liquid handling technology. 
  • ClimateTech team Aruna Revolution also participated in the AgTech track.   
  • ClimateTech team Tree Gate Farm also participated in the AgTech track.  

After pitching their innovations, participants continued networking and demonstrating their work for event attendees. The crowd enjoyed local bites and beverages provided by Ba-Li Cravings, and spirits were high as connections were forged.  

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