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Hardware Accelerator Week 9: Prototype

Hardware Accelerator Week 9: Prototype

During week nine of #HardwareAccelerator19, the teams continued building their prototypes and preparing for Demo Day on August 1. Week nine featured guest speakers, team meetings, and a design review where teams critiqued each other’s prototypes.  

Guest speakers included Robert Karpman, founder and CEO of Geri-Safe, Danielle Applestone, co-founder and CEO of Daughters of Rosie, Will Murphy, co-founder and COO of Everlasting Capital Corporation, and Matt Thomas, Venture Capitalist with Bolt.  

Following the guest speaker’s advice and expertise, the cohort held their weekly team meeting to finalize their prototypes. Each team had the opportunity to  meet with the  a Rev Entrepreneur-In-Residence, the Hardware Accelerator instructors, and Ken Rother. 

At the end of the week, the teams held their final design review of the program. By displaying their prototype and explaining their process and any pivots they encountered, the teams were received feedback from the rest of the cohort as well as Rother and Steve Supron.

Join us for Demo Day August 1st6-8:30 pm