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Hardware Accelerator Team Spotlight: Dentle

Daniel Fidanque

Hardware Accelerator Team Spotlight: Dentle

Meet Dentle a #HardwareAccelerator19 company founded by Daniel Fidanque that is creating a device that allows you to brush and floss your teeth effortlessly. 

What problem do you solve for the market? 

Millions of people brush their teeth daily, but don’t floss because they either don’t have enough time, hate how their gums bleed, or don’t have the resources available to take care of their teeth. 

Who is your customer? 

Our customers happen to be a majority of the population; however, we are working towards narrowing our customer down to frequent travelers and parents. 

What is your innovation or solution? 

Dentle is an effortless toothbrush with a hand powered water flosser built in the design. No batteries. 

How did you come up with this idea? 

The reason I’m creating this company is because I want to create and share with the world a device that I’ve wanted my entire life, a device that could change lives.  

What has been the biggest surprise? What has been the most eye-opening experience so far? 

So far, the biggest eye-opening experience for me would have to be learning how to model my design in Fusion 360. I didn’t come into this program having much engineering experience so it’s nice to learn something new.