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Hardware Accelerator Team Enhances Ceiling Lights with Smart Speakers 

Team Tuc

Hardware Accelerator Team Enhances Ceiling Lights with Smart Speakers 

The proliferation of the Amazon Echo and other smart speakers are changing the way people interact with technology. The Amazon Echo has convenient voice-controlled commands which respond to the name “Alexa” and apps that easily connect with other devices. tuc is currently working on combining the power of voice recognition with ceiling lights to easily integrate this smart technology into homes.

Stephen Shaffer, local Ithaca resident and founder of tuc, wanted to find a more convenient place to store the Amazon Echo Dot while optimizing its features.

“I was thinking about a ceiling light and why it was just a light bulb? Why is nothing happening on the ceiling and how can I improve that?” said Shaffer.

By placing the Amazon Echo Dot in a ceiling light, voice commands can be easily heard from every part of the room. This frees up valuable counter space and ensures that the Amazon Echo Dot is protected from potential hazards such as spills, falling off surfaces, or getting lost in the home. tuc is delighted to be a part of the Hardware Accelerator program because of the state of the art lab space and instructional sessions where teams learn hands-on skills such as 3D printing and hardware development.

“I came into the Hardware Accelerator with an idea and an open mind. Being able to work in this space and learn hardware development has been an amazing experience,” said Shaffer.

tuc has enjoyed learning about the customer discovery process and receiving advice from Rev’s entrepreneurs in residence.

tuc plans to conduct usabilitytesting for home use, and continue making improvements to its design, with the goal of being acquired by a major hardware brand.

tuc will present their prototype and share their progress on August 9th, 2018 at Rev’s Hardware Accelerator Demo Day.