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Hardware Accelerator Alumnus Joins Rev

Hardware Accelerator Alumnus Joins Rev

New Rev member company, and Hardware Accelerator alumnus, SeaArctos, was started by chance. It’s two founders unexpectedly reunited after forty years during a trip to the Adirondacks. After sharing their experiences in their respective fields of business (global commercial ship owning and operating and computer engineering and IoT), the idea for SeaArctos came to fruition. The company has “designed and is currently manufacturing a simple, ship mounted, independent device that logs and notifies ship owners and others when and where commercial vessels switch their type of fuel prior to entering global SECA zones,” says John Kulukundis, Director of Media for SeaArctos. 

In other words, the startup is working to provide innovative solutions to the environmental challenges that many sea vessels create when it comes to protecting our oceans. 

Previously a team that participated in Rev’s Hardware Accelerator program, SeaArctos identifies Rev as “…a fantastic resource here in Ithaca. We intend to base all our Technology Support, Design, R&D and development here in Ithaca and having the Rev mentors and facilities to utilize we see as essential.” Rev itself, as well as connections made through the Hardware Accelerator Program, are important to the team’s success when it comes to entrepreneurial advice and more. 

The Hardware Accelerator Program gave SeaArctos several useful sources. However, the biggest takeaway, they say, “was the ground up approach to building solutions”. This, and the mentorship provided by Rev Hardware Accelerator, is what helped the company establish themselves and “rise to the multiple challenges of a startup.”