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Hardware Accelerator 2017: Week 2

Hardware Accelerator 2017: Week 2

Curious what happens during the Rev summer Hardware Accelerator? Here’s a quick recap of Week 2. Be sure to join us on August 10th for Hardware Demo Day, where the teams will get to show off their prototypes. 

During the second week, the teams started to learn how to talk with customers. Director Ken Rother gave a talk titled “Pulling Insights from Interviews,” showing the teams how to begin customer discovery interviews.

Director Ken Rother presents to the teams.

Teams had a special Skype call with CEO of Othermachine Danielle Applestone. The Othermill is Rev’s favorite CNC mill for creating printed circuit boards, so this was an exciting opportunity. Applestone shared her experiences developing the product, especially how she determined customer segments. She spoke about the importance of aligning value propositions with what customers really want and need.

Othermachine CEO Danielle Applestone Skypes with the teams.

Weekly meetings with the Rev entrepreneurs in residence started this week, as well. EIRs sat down with teams one-on-one to coach them in customer discovery and business model development.

Training in the Prototyping Shop continued, with teams getting savvy about using multiple tools to create their prototypes. Some teams dove right in, creating preliminary prototypes for use in customer discovery.

Hardware team Petal member Michael Eaton contemplates one of his team’s first prototypes.

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