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GiveGab’s Giving Tuesday is Most Successful Yet

GiveGab’s Giving Tuesday is Most Successful Yet

During this year’s Giving Tuesday (December 3, 2019), GiveGab helped nonprofits raise over $55 million. Established in 2013 by Charlie Mulligan (CEO) and Aaron Godert (COO), the Rev member company makes it easier for fundraising professionals in the nonprofit sector to raise money for their organizations and causes. Over the years, GiveGab has become the largest Giving Day platform in the industry.

This year’s GiveGab Giving Tuesday consisted of 64 Giving Day sites and 8,501 active campaigns, raising money for 4,021 different organizations. A total of 82,671 gifts were made with 46,810 donors involved. The average online donation was $115.

Of the 64 Giving Day sites that received gifts on Giving Tuesday, 48 of them were returning to the GiveGab platform and 16 were using GiveGab for the first time. Of the returning Giving Days, the City University of New York (CUNY) celebrated its fourth #CUNYTuesday, reaching a new milestone with over $1 million raised.

“I’m so thrilled to see the growth of the Giving Tuesday movement each year and we’re honored to be such a major part of its impact,” stated GiveGab founder, Charlie Mulligan, “Giving Days, whether they happen on Giving Tuesday or another day of the year, prove that philanthropy is very much alive.”

Congratulations to GiveGab, one of Rev’s first members, on their continued growth and success throughout the years!