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GiveGab Partnership Provides Advanced Donor Insights to Users

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GiveGab Partnership Provides Advanced Donor Insights to Users

Rev member GiveGab recently announced a partnership with Accelerist, a leader in social impact partnership technology. This partnership will enhance GiveGab’s Giving Day platform—the most trusted digital fundraising solution across the civic, nonprofit, and education sectors with over 150 partners nationwide—by giving users a deeper understanding of their donors via data.

Through their audience analytics platform, Accelerist provides users with valuable demographic, psychographic, and geographic information on donors to help users identify and engage their target audiences. By partnering with Accelerist, GiveGab is able to help organizations that use their digital fundraising platforms strengthen their relationships with donors.

Those who have benefitted from this partnership have expressed value in the collaboration and observed improvement in giving rates. “As a data-driven organization, I Live Here I Give Here values its partnership with Accelerist and GiveGab,” said Lindsay Muse, COO of I Live Here I Give Here. “Our partnership is instrumental in our work to increase generosity in Central Texas by utilizing analytic insights to deepen our supporter engagement, elevate our marketing strategies, and seek new relationships that align with our community’s needs.” 

For more information on GiveGab, their newest partnership with Accelerist, and how to take advantage of their services, read more here.