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Firelight Camps Offers Opportunity to Invest

Two people swing in a hammock at Firelight Camps.

Firelight Camps Offers Opportunity to Invest

Rev member and Ithaca-gem, Firelight Camps, launched a Wefunder campaign, giving anyone interested, the opportunity to invest in the popular Upstate New York glamping site. Equity raised through the campaign will allow Firelight Camps to continue growing—the startup aims to operate eight luxury campgrounds under its outdoor hospitality brand within the next five years—while forming lasting relationships with stakeholders who recognize the unique value the business brings to the Finger Lakes region.

Having been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Vogue, and other major publications, Firelight Camps is recognized as a trailblazer in the “glamping” industry. As one of the top sites in the ever expanding market, the company has seen massive growth since its beginning seven years ago, including over $4 million in revenue and more than 35,000 guests. It’s not just the media and guests who are confident inthe hospitality Firelight Camps provides—many investors have expressed contributing to the startup as a worthwhile endeavor.

“I see an investment in Firelight Camps as an incredible opportunity to partner with an experienced leadership team in a rapidly expanding market segment. The founders’ passion for ecotourism, coupled with the team’s deep hospitality roots, delivers an authentic, luxurious camping adventure that creates an unforgettable experience for guests. The team delivers consistent returns on its flagship site and has developed a rich pipeline of attractive projects just outside of major market metros where elevated camping is in high demand,” expressed Darren Fredette, director of Corporate Development & Finance at Packaging Technology Group, on the startup’s Wefunder page.

“The last several months have reconnected many of us with nature, and Firelight delivers an experience where we can unplug and enjoy the world around us without sacrificing luxury or convenience. I believe in this company and am truly excited and privileged to be the lead investor in this round of financing.”

If you are interested in investing in Firelight Camps, visit the company’s Wefunder campaign page. For more information on the glamping site, check out