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EMPEQ Receives SBIR Contract with US Air Force 

EMPEQ Receives SBIR Contract with US Air Force 

2023 is looking bright for Rev member company Empower Equity (EMPEQ). Not only did they secure the NYSEG Ignition Grant, but they were also recently rewarded a Phase 1 SBIR contract with the United States Air Force (USAF), allowing them to take their technology to new heights. 

This opportunity is special in particular for Herbert Dwyer — the CEO and co-founder is a veteran himself. 

“As a US Marine no longer on active duty, it means a great deal to me to be supporting the men and women in uniform,” Dwyer said. “My team and I don’t take this responsibility lightly.” 

EMPEQ specializes in software and financial solutions that help increase efficiency for building owners. Their Fast Site Survey™ allows for faster, streamlined equipment audits. These audits, completed in commercial and business settings, are essential to ensuring safety and security of buildings and the equipment inside them. Fast Site Survey digitizes the audit process through an app that allows users to gather equipment information by simply taking a picture of the equipment they are reviewing.  

After determining that their technology could be a good fit for the government, EMPEQ looked into applying for funding through the US Air Force.  

“For us, given the US Air Force’s forward-thinking strategy, we believed they’d be a great fit,” Dwyer explained. “We applied through the USAF AFWERX program with a clear focus on our Fast Site Survey technology would benefit the USAF’s personnel.” 

The USAF AFWERX program encourages innovation by teaming up cross-disciplinary technology developers with Air Force talent. EMPEQ received a Phase 1 SBIR contract, which allows them to find a customer — someone who would benefit from their tech — within the Air Force. SBIR cohort 22.4 was the most competitive in the program’s history, only solidifying EMPEQ’s potential. 

Where EMPEQ stood out is its focus on using its technology to help the Air Force increase sustainability. Fast Site Survey™ give users important insight into emissions and energy usage, which are essential pieces of information when understanding how the USAF can consider the climate in their operations. The contract allows EMPEQ to explore ways in which their technology can help the Air Force can help them be more efficient. Additionally, the intuitive design of Fast Site Survey™ allows personnel with little training to gather these insights, increasing the accessibility of these important processes. 

With this partnership, EMPEQ can expand the usage of its technology, and the USAF can take steps towards a greener future. 

“It’s a great feeling to truly create a win-win situation between EMPEQ and the USAF,” Dwyer reflected.