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EMPEQ Launches Equipment Audit App

Herbert Dwyer, CEO and founder of EMPEQ

EMPEQ Launches Equipment Audit App

Empower Equity (EMPEQ), a Rev member that offers software and financing solutions to commercial and industrial building owners, recently launched its new Fast Site Survey™ mobile app. The innovative app offers a streamlined data capture and reporting process for commercial building equipment audits, cutting the time needed for site surveying by up to 80%.

Audits are regularly completed in commercial and industrial buildings to inspect equipment, identify needed repairs, and spot inefficiencies. For decades, energy engineers and HVAC contractors have had to complete these audits by hand, taking photos of equipment, digitizing notes, and creating spreadsheets. This process is often costly, time-consuming, and leaves room for human error.

EMPEQ founder and CEO Herbert Dwyer knew there had to be a way to modernize and improve this process, so Fast Site Survey™ was born. The easy-to-use app allows these audits to be completed more efficiently, accurately, and affordably. Engineers and contractors simply take a photo of the equipment they’re surveying, and EMPEQ’s proprietary AI technology captures and records the equipment data.

This technology improves the process for both auditors and their clients. Engineers and contractors can reduce customer acquisition costs and increase profit margins. As a result, clients experience faster turnaround times and efficient energy solutions.

“At EMPEQ, we understand how hard energy efficiency engineers and contractors work to provide their customers with accurate and cost-effective equipment and energy audits because we’ve been there ourselves,” said Dwyer in a recent press release.

“Based on our own experience with over 500 equipment audits and the feedback of over 100 industry veterans, we designed the Fast Site Survey™ technology to help our customers conduct faster, more efficient audits of critical equipment in commercial properties.”

Dwyer was also recently featured in Authority Magazine, where he was interviewed as an authority on “green tech.” He shared stories from his careeer and life, and explained why he thinks EMPEQ’s AI technology will have a positive impact on the environment.

“I see our suite of technologies changing the world in various ways. For example, many commercial building owners only know what specific equipment they have in their buildings when it breaks. By assembling an inventory of equipment, a building owner gains a great deal of valuable intelligence. They can capital plan better, replace old, inefficient energy equipment with equipment that has much higher energy savings, and take advantage of government incentive programs,” he said in the interview.

“If we are going to make a measurable impact against climate change, it has to happen now. EMPEQ’s technology, and our customers, will help the world win this war faster and at a much lower cost.”