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Edenesque: Plant-Based Dairy Startup Gets $175K from Launch-NY

Image of Leslie Woodward

Edenesque: Plant-Based Dairy Startup Gets $175K from Launch-NY

Edenesque is a plant-based dairy startup company launching into over 100 retail stores across New York. Rooted in the desire to make a positive impact around health and nutrition, Edenesque is sourcing high-quality ingredients from the Hudson Valley to produce organic oat and nut milks.  

Founder Leslie Woodward is a lifelong chef with a special interest in the impact of processed foods on overall community health and the lack of resources in underserved communities. Leslie has a background in holistic nutrition, and has spent 20 years working in some of New York City’s finest restaurants.  

Edenesque was awarded $175,000 from Launch NY, the most active seed funder in New York state. The investment is comprised of $75,000 from Launch NY’s nonprofit seed fund and $100,000 from its for-profit LP Fund II. Edenesque received an additional $50,000 from NY Ventures State Small Business Credit (SSBCI) that matches against Launch NY’s LP Fund II. 

With the award, Edenesque will be moving their headquarters from the Hudson Valley to Buffalo, NY to be closer to their manufacturers and distributors, streamlining their production process. Working with a co-manufacturer has allowed Edenesque to scale their company to be distributed statewide, with the goal of expanding into the Northeast in the next three years. 

Leslie’s tenacity and innovation led Edenesque to become a Grow-NY finalist in 2022, and she took full advantage of her resources and interactions throughout the process. She explained that participating in the competition inspired her to think about the company at a different level, and it opened a network of support to tap into, ultimately connecting her to Launch-NY.  

As Edenesque gears up to continue into its next phase of growth, Leslie remains enthusiastic about her company and its values. Rev: Ithaca Startup Works is proud to work with a business that promotes health and sustainability, inspiring others to nourish themselves and their community.