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Dimensional Energy Receives $2.7 Million in DOE Funding

Dimensional Energy Receives $2.7 Million in DOE Funding

Dimensional Energy recently received $2.7 million in funding through the U.S. Department of Energy to further its innovative work to transform carbon dioxide emissions into the building blocks for a sustainable and low-cost jet fuel.

The cleantech startup is one of 40 projects being funded through the Solar Energy Technologies Office Fiscal Year 2021 Photovoltaics and Concentrating Solar-Thermal Power Funding Program (SETO FY21 PV and CSP), which in October 2021 awarded a total of $40 million to projects that advance solar PV and CSP research and development to help eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from the energy sector.

A Rev member since 2016, Dimensional Energy was founded by Jason Salfi and utilizes technology developed at Cornell University. The company has been gaining recognition for  its work, recently receiving a $50,000 investment from Ithaca Area Economic Development and being selected as a finalist in the $20 million Carbon X Prize competition.

According to the company’s project summary, officially titled “Silicon-Carbide Receiver/Reactor by Additive Manufacturing for Concentrated Solar Thermocatalysis with Thermal Energy Storage,” Dimensional Energy will partner with Heliogen to design, develop, and test a solar-driven chemical reactor that can produce sustainable jet fuel. The reactor will turn captured carbon dioxide and green hydrogen into fuel at a target price below $2 per gallon.

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