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Children’s Reading Connection Makes Plans with Scholastic

Children’s Reading Connection Makes Plans with Scholastic

Brigid Hubberman, CEO of the startup nonprofit, Children’s Reading Connection recently sat down with executives at Scholastic and author Peter Reynolds to discuss her ideas to ensure children who don’t often have access to books might, at least, have access to one very special and foundational book—“The Word Collector.” Hubberman believes a reading program featuring “The Word Collector,” by Peter H. Reynolds, has the power to help children fall in love with reading and put them on the path to literacy.

Hubberman is growing her organization with the help of the business incubator Rev: Ithaca Startup Works and is on a mission to help communities create a culture of literacy in which all babies and children are surrounded by wonderful words and the joy of books in every day family and community life. With 20 years of deep roots in community-literacy work, she is now creating child literacy pilot models that can be adopted in communities around the world.

“It is such an honor and a thrill to be invited to Scholastic headquarters in New York City to explain our vision for “The Word Collector” and have Scholastic now share that same vision for our project,” said Hubberman. “This program will be a true game-changer. I am overwhelmed with the potential impact this will have and how many more kids will be able to access this incredible book and fall in love with the pleasure and the power of words and reading.”

Scholastic also recently requested Hubberman to author an essay entitled “Belonging with Books” to be published in a book called “Game Changers: Access to Books for All Kids.” The essay discusses the importance of children owning the same book.

About “The Word Collector”
“The Word Collector” tells the story of a character named Jerome who discovers the magic of the words all around him — short and sweet words, two-syllable treats, and multi-syllable words that sound like little songs. Words that connect, transform, and empower. The book is a celebration of finding your own words — and the impact you can have when you share them with the world. The author, Peter H. Reynolds, is also the creator of The Dot and Happy Dreamer.