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A New Endeavor for Poplar Point Studio: Introducing Wine & Blooms

A New Endeavor for Poplar Point Studio: Introducing Wine & Blooms

One of Rev: Ithaca Startup Work’s newer members, Poplar Point Studio, has seen a 3.5x growth in revenue over the last year and is expanding their influence in the Finger Lakes Region with a new undertaking: Wine & Blooms—a series of ‘make and take’ social events to train one’s green thumb. Similar to popular wine and paint nights, Wine and Blooms offers interactive, DIY workshops for participants to create their own garden related projects in a relaxed, social atmosphere.

The Studio’s owner, Leigh McGonagle, alumna of Cornell University’s Landscape Architecture Program ’10, shared how the idea for Wine & Blooms came from her current customers.

“Many of our current customers are apprehensive about getting started with gardening. Having workshops that provide the tools, supplies & supportive coaching helps alleviate those worries and builds confidence in getting started on their own.” The workshops also include an educational component and attendees can learn gardening best practices.

McGonagle and her team have scheduled more than 60 workshops over the next 10 months, fine-tuning several different types of classes, venues, price points, and locations. She shared her plans for the year: “It is about diving in, trying it out, getting feedback, and having fun! Ultimately, the mission is to make gardening fun and accessible to everyone.”

McGonagle recognizes Rev as a crucial resource for support and mentorship: “I knew that Rev had the right resources to help us grow and scale. I intentionally became a Rev member in 2017 before I was ready to grow. I wanted to have the relationships in place and wanted to have as many skills in my toolbox as I could.”

Reflecting on her relationships at Rev, McGonagle shared that the entrepreneurs in residence and the CEO coffee hours have helped her advance. “My new community at Rev has been integral for me—I wouldn’t have access to this close group of people, providing accountability and supporting me.”

Poplar Point Studio was established in 2008 as a multi-faceted design studio with a focus on landscape design. Since then, it has grown to become one of the region’s finest garden care companies. Core services are focused on horticulture services; garden design, installation, and maintenance.  Additional services include garden coaching, holiday décor, and group workshops.

In addition to its monthly workshops, Wine and Blooms also plans to host special events on the weekends at venues such as Cornell Botanical Gardens and Cayuga Landscape.  A local community garden tour is also planned for the summer.

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