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2016 Rev Hardware Accelerator Teams

Ken Rother helping

2016 Rev Hardware Accelerator Teams

Ken Rother helping

EIR Ken Rother and a Rev member working in the prototyping lab

The summer is arriving and as you slip on your flip flops, the Rev Hardware Accelerator program is slipping on their safety goggles. We are excited to announce the 2016 Rev Hardware Accelerator teams:

Specdrums makes playing music, particularly drumming, more accessible by transforming the color of surfaces into sounds using rings that are intuitive and completely portable. Currently, Specdrums is working at Rev: Ithaca Startup Works to develop the mechanics, electrics, and softwares of the product to ensure a minimum viable product. They anticipate their designs to be manufactured on a larger scale.

  • Hillside Hydro is a portable hydroelectric generator for backpacking and camping. Hillside Hydro is the solution to off-the-grid locations that lack efficient and clean means to generate electricity. This problem is felt by backpackers, climbers, campers, researchers, and sailors. The Rev Hardware Accelerator Program will assist Hillside Hydro in the first iteration of a working prototype.

Remote Science is developing cloud-based system for monitoring the performance and operational status of residential and small commercial buildings’ HVAC equipment. The heart of the concept is a Wi-Fi enabled interface with a series of sensors used to monitor various operational aspects of the heating and cooling equipment. All of these devices are connected to a cloud-based server, which will store and analyze the data captured. Users, building owners, homeowners, and HVAC contractors will have access to the data collected.

Orthofit provides smart custom orthotics with posture monitoring and correction functionality for working professionals. Improper working conditions and poor postures often result in inefficiency at work and lead to serious health implications or musculoskeletal conditions early on in life. Orthofit specializes in a range of ergonomic products, designed exclusively for workplaces. Orthofit provides custom design safeguards against wear and tear of joints and muscles without compromising the comfort, while smart sensors assist in posture correction. These wearable orthotics come with smartphone connectivity to visually monitor physical stress and posture.

StopPack aims to create a chemical-free method for smokers seeking to quit. The Rev Hardware Accelerator program will allow StopPack to make a unique cigarette holder for packs of cigarettes. Every time a user opens the pack, it will be monitored and the data will be sent to an app on the user’s phone. The smoker will choose a support group to track their habit, and express encouragement throughout the quitting process.

  • ProjecTicker is a projection-based ticker that projects stock and news RSS feeds onto a wall. Unlike expensive wall mounted ticker screens, this projection-based system allows the user to mount the projector to an opposing wall or ceiling to project stock and news data in the form of a scrolling banner. The final product will be the size of a standard computer projector or smaller to allow for light-weight placement. What sets this product apart from the expensive screens is the low cost that is able to be achieved due to substituting the screens with projection technology.

XBoard is the world’s first trickable electric skateboard. Skateboarding isn’t skateboarding without tricks. XBoard is looking to disrupt a $4.8 billion market and appeal to a target sector that no other company has breached: 11 million+ street skateboarders. Lightweight and robust, XBoards preserve the freedom of a street skateboard by not compromising your ability to do tricks and provides you with seamless, on-demand electric power for a revolutionary skateboarding experience.

Hour Time is an analog clock with digital functionality that allows children to learn the key concepts of time and planning. The clock face will illuminate wedges of time, which will allow children to visualize their planned events to better perceive the progression of time. The goal of Hour Time is to help children master the fundamental time management skill, which becomes a building block for success later in life.