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URSA Featured for Company Growth and Global Reach

URSA Featured for Company Growth and Global Reach

Based in small town Ithaca, NY, Ursa Space System was featured on the cover of Tompkins Weekly highlighting its global reach and company growth.

Ursa specializes in utilizing satellites to collect data which can be used to help organizations make more informed decisions. For example, the satellites can track deforestation, flooding, and illegal fishing.

In 2014, founder and CEO Adam Maher, decided to move from Sillicon Valley to Ithaca to continue his satellite work. When building the business, he was contacted by representatives at Rev: Ithaca Startup Works and later became one of the incubator’s first member companies. Mahar credits Ursa’s early stage growth to the mentors and training he gained at Rev’s incubator. 

“My biggest fear with going to Ithaca was there wasn’t going to be an entrepreneurial community, because that’s so important when you start something like this, is having a community of supports,” Maher said. “The mentors [Rev] had and the access they had to both Cornell and Ithaca College, and even TC3 supports that, the access to the various professors that work at those institutions and the community that they were developing around entrepreneurship, that was really important.”