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Staying with the Workshop: Geri-Safe Joins Rev

Staying with the Workshop: Geri-Safe Joins Rev

Geri-Safe, a company dedicated to making life easier for geriatric patients and bringing peace of mind to loved ones, joined Rev this fall. They chose to stay with the mentorship, space, and workshop they experienced over the summer.


Nandita Bal, Ger-Safe Chief Product Coordinator and Cornell 2015 MEng graduate, shows off her work at the Hardware Accelerator.

Geri-Safe participated in the Southern Tier Startup Alliance’s Hardware Accelerator, hosted at Rev over the summer. Nandita Bal, along with Arjun Kurian, started with a concept and a patent-pending, integral component. By the Hardware Accelerator Demo Day, the pair built a working proof of concept of Geri-Safe’s premier device, Medi-Trust, an automatic pill sorting and dispensing machine with its various components working together.


Geri-Safe plans to licence their product line. With production and distribution in the hands of others, Geri-Safe can focus on research and development, quickening the process from the workshop to the patient in need.