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Rev Renovation Progress and Alec on Break

Rev Renovation Progress and Alec on Break

Rev is in transition. Right now Rev Coordinator, Alec Mitchell hikes volcano trails, sleeps under tarp in sixty-four degree night air, and soaks up the sun on the beaches of Hawaii. I envy him.


Rev Stairway
Since we moved back to our permanent space on the second floor of the Carey Building at 314 E. State Street, from our summer location on the Commons, we have dealt first hand with the growing pains of construction. With the first major downpour of fall, Alec diligently caught drips and drizzles as water seeped in where there was once a roof above our ceiling,where unfinished floors now reside. For a time, over a dozen orange buckets littered Rev co-working space, slowly filling with water. I did not envy him then.


The day to day chunks of Alec’s responsibilities have been left to me while he is away. Despite occasional setbacks, like the breakers deciding they will not put up with four space heaters set to high on the same day the heat was being being worked on, Rev members have proven to be gracious and resilient. Rev membership stays strong. It proves the existing need for the second floor’s added space, break out rooms, and phone booth. The temporary wall separating us from our kitchen has been disassembled. It is amazing how much more open the main room feels. An imposing, metal symbol of hope is revealed: the main stairway.



Seeing the stairway, it is easy to imagine the Rev space to-be and know that the growing pains are worth it. It will be sad to hand the keys back to Alec next week.