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Indian Milk & Honey Competing in California Dairy Competition

Ag & Food Tech/Indian Milk & Honey cofounder and CEO, Amrit Singh.

Indian Milk & Honey Competing in California Dairy Competition

While based out of Freeville, New York, Indian Milk & Honey — a subsidiary of Rev member Ag & Food Tech — is making waves in California. The startup, which creates traditional Indian ghee and lassi products in unique flavors like Blueberry Cardamom and Mango Rosewater, is competing in VentureFuel’s third annual Real California Milk Excelerator competition.

The competition, sponsored by the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB), seeks to incentivize early-stage ventures to create innovative dairy products using California milk. This year’s theme is Performance and Recovery, focusing on how “dairy products can play a critical role in our personal performance (focus, exercise, strength) and recovery (sleep, relaxation, gut health, rejuvenation) to live a balanced life.” Indian Milk & Honey’s probiotic lassi drink supports recovery, containing Ayurvedic immunity-supporting herbs and spices that also increase mental clarity.

The company was selected as one of just twelve startups to compete at the semi-finalist stage. Over $650,000 in prizes will be awarded to winners, including $10,000 to each semi-finalist to refine production. The twelve semi-finalists will also take part in the CMAB/VentureFuel Mentor Program, where they’ll receive mentorship from founders, investors, and industry experts.

“We’re excited to see what happens when our Indian-style probiotic lassi, conceptualized in [Cornell’s] Stocking Hall, travels to California for a makeover,” said founder and CEO Amrit Singh. “Our lassi has many fans around the country, so when the California Milk Board asked if we would come compete, we graciously accepted. We plan to keep “Our Promise” with chef-crafted and distinct flavors, while exploring different packaging, no-added-sugar formulations, and more wellness inspired from Indian and North American traditions.”