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Hardware Accelerator Week Five: Prototyping

Hardware Accelerator Week Five: Prototyping

Week five of #HardwareAccelerator19 marked the halfway point of Rev’s summer program.

Teams shared the progress of their hardware products and met with Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, Program Director, Ken Rother, and Assistant Director, Steve Supron.   

Additionally, a number of  the Hardware teams collected information through customer discovery. Speaking to customers helps the teams ensure their product meets customer needs.  

This week’s featured mentors included Aaron Walls of Brewjacket and Steven Dourmaskin of Sepcdrums.  

Walls, an eLab accelerator alumnus, shared BrewJacket’s experience with a failed kickstarter which later helped the company better understand their customer. “We took the problem that normal people had and we began recasting and recreating a new product based off of their needs and wants,” Walls said.  

Specdrums participated in eLab and the Rev Hardware Accelerator Program. Dourmaskin noted that the customer discovery findings from both programs helped Specdrums become successful in the early days. 

The teams continued to work on their product prototypes in the hardware lab with the tech instructors to finish the week. 

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