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Hardware Accelerator 2017: Week 5

Hardware Accelerator 2017: Week 5

Curious what happens during the Rev summer Hardware Accelerator? Here’s a quick recap of Week 5. Be sure to join us on August 10th for Hardware Demo Day, where the teams will get to show off their prototypes. 

Starting off Sprint 2, teams hit the ground running for proof of concept. The week was action-packed, starting with a workshop from Assistant Director Xanthe Matychak on selecting a minimum feature set. The minimum feature set acts as a first focus point for the product, allowing innovators to elicit feedback from customers.

Assistant Director Xanthe Matychak advises teams on selecting a minimum feature set.

Local startup founder and tech innovator Adam Maher, CEO of Ursa Space Systems, spoke to the teams about team dynamics and presenting the product. He generously shared his actual pitch deck with the teams, giving them rich inspiration for their own Hardware Demo Day presentations. He also spoke about the company’s pivot to a more refined value proposition, again demonstrating that successful startups respond to their customer’s true needs.

Ursa Space CEO Adam Maher shares his startup experiences with the teams.

Local business lawyer Paul Lee of Miller Mayer was at Rev this week to provide Members Only Office Hours. As summer Members of Rev, the Hardware teams had the option to reserve a spot with him. Several took advantage of the opportunity and learned about IP law and immigration visas for entrepreneurs.

Tech Instructor Ted Bauer (right) meets with Jaiveer Singh

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