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GiveGab Supports 2019 Cornell Giving Day

GiveGab Supports 2019 Cornell Giving Day

By Madison Barlow

Rev: Ithaca Startup Works member company, GiveGab, is playing a vital role in this year’s Cornell Giving Day. Their online platform will support giving day, which is dedicated to providing support to several of the University’s programs and organizations. On March 14, 2019 Cornellians all over the world connect to the university by donating millions of dollars in support. Behind these thousands of transactions is GiveGab, a company founded by Cornell alums headquartered in downtown Ithaca.

The GiveGab team prides themselves on providing quality and successful service for all of their customers; however, Cornell Giving Day sparks a passion ignited by hometown pride. 

“We have a sense of pride around Cornell Giving Day and helping that day go off successfully,” said Aaron Godert M Eng. ’05, MBA ’11 and the company’s COO. “Not to say we aren’t excited by our other customers, but there’s a little bit of hometown pride for our own alumni group.”

Not only did the company get their start in Ithaca, several of their employees are Cornell alumni as well. 

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